“Revival” Victorians – Aristocrats’ Symphony CD (digipack)


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These valiant Victorians are the new victorious viscounts of classic symphonic metal delivering a fantasia of EPICness, with a singer who can earn them a place on the dais with the upper echelons of European metal nobility

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Gentle sounds of a violin are only the prologue to the epic journey through the maze of human desires, through hopes and fears, through the sea of passion to Victorians’ score that is a combination of symphonic orchestrations, semi-operatic vocals and tasty, metal riffs. We believe that music, words, images can change both people’s lives and the disappointing world outside your walls. This world needs a revolution and we need your throat to shout it loud!


 Track list:
  1. Descent of Your Destiny (listen to the song)
  2. In the End (listen to the song)
  3. Voice of Eternal Love
  4. Who Never Loved
  5. Siren
  6. Servants of Beauty (listen to the song)
  7. Prince of Night (listen to the song)
  8. Don’t Let Them Cut My Wings
  9. Juliet’s Tale
  10. Creed


Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Mariusz Piętka
Recorded June – July 2012 at MP Studio in Częstochowa, POLAND

Cover design by Victorians
Band Photography: Katarzyna Niwinska
ALL SONGS BY Eydis/V./Utis/MrNice